Saturday, April 23, 2011

Monster Trucks

Last Saturday night we attended the monster truck grand nationals in Pocatello. This year there was 16 of us that went. My family, my aunt, her son and his friends, and this year we took Aftyn for her birthday. She had a blast. She loved seeing the trucks up close and having the driver sign her flag. One of the drivers scribbled on her flag and she was so upset because he didn't sign his name he scribbled. It was pretty funny. She also had her picture taken with some of the drivers. I asked her what her favorite part of the monster trucks were and she said when Bigfoot's tire flew off his truck and into a wall. Her other favorite part was when ghost rider did a back-flip in his truck. Overall it was a pretty good show and we all had fun spending time together and enjoying the monster trucks. Here are a few pictures enjoy!

Aftyn sitting in Titan's wheel

Rockstar tipped over

Aftyn on Bigfoot's tire

Aftyn with the driver of Rockstar

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh my goodness has it really been that long.....

I know it has been a while since I have updated my blog, but I am going to try and update it every couple of weeks. Anyways, I have the most wonderful, exciting news. Can any of you guess what it is? Yep that's right you guessed it...........................

I got accepted into the Dietetics program at ISU and now can officially say that I will be graduating in May 2012. Sorry I had to do it:) Anyways, I am super excited that I got in, and that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I will be blogging about the bathroom remodel in the next couple of days. I hope that all is well with everyone.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summer Project

Tanner was swapping his motor from his wrecked supra to a new body that he purchased. It turned into a bit more of a project than he expected. I will let the pictures show what I mean.

The interior was actually more stripped out at one point. All of the blower motor, a/c condenser, and heater core was taken out at one time also. There was almost nothing left in the interior. For the women folk reading this, that is all the stuff under the dash of the car. :) The dashes for both of the cars were in our spare bedroom during the project.

At this point we are at about 90% done. The surround is not around the shifter or climate control, the back seats are not in, and a few interior parts here and there. But it starts and drives just fine. ;-)

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I am sorry that I haven't been more on top of our blog but we have been super busy with school and work. Needless to say we have a lot to update all of you about. First thing is school. I am proud to say that I am done with anatomy and physiology, and never have to take that class again. I also can safely say that both Tanner and I have passed all of our classes. I know you guys probably don't want to know my grades but this was a really hard semester for me so I just have to put them up.

Chemistry A
Chemistry Lab A
Anatomy and Physiology B
Statistics B-
Macroeconomics C

I know the C is not that great but both Tanner and I struggled with that class because it is a really hard class. Anyways, I am done with the school update.

The next exciting thing that has happened is that I got a job. I am going to be working with the University of Idaho through an extension program they have set up here called EFNEP. What I will be doing is helping with the lunch at the parks. The job is Monday through Friday, from 10 to 2. Anyways, this job will help me with my dietetics major and give me some experience needed for my resume. I am super excited to start at the end of may.

The most exciting news is that One Stop the place we bought our car from have decided to step up and fix the whole warranty situation. For those of you who don't know what happened, when we bought the car we were told what warranty we had. However, when the car broke in December right before Christmas, we found out that their finance guy had switched our warranty to a different one we didn't want without us knowing that they switched us. Anyways I made a big stink to say the least, and One Stops owner has decided that if the car breaks down and our warranty company won't cover it, as long as it is a covered item on the warranty that we were suppose to have they are going to pay for it. This is not just a one time thing either, this is the deal for the length of our warranty. I am just glad that they stepped up and fixed the problem that one of their employees made. I hope that all of you are doing well.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

and the verdicts in......

Sorry everyone I have been really busy with school and been slacking on updating our blog. Anyways, I have some very exciting news. My court case is done and over with yeah! I received a call from my attorney this week telling me that they finally got the letter from the arbitrator. In this letter it says how much Allstate has to pay me. I think it is safe to say that everything will be paid for in full with money left over because they have to pay policy limits. Can I just say what a relief it is to finally have this settled. I am excited to move on with my life and not worry about how to pay for my medical bills because Allstate has to do that for me. Anyways that is my good news for the day. I hope everyone is doing well. We love you all.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tanners Birthday

Tanner and I celebrated his 23rd birthday on Thursday. We went to lunch and that's about it on his actual birthday, because he had to work. Then on Saturday Dennis, Jill, Tracy, and Abby came down and we went out to eat at Buddy's. It was a lot of fun and the food was great. Then we went to Costco, because Jill wanted to look around. That was a fun adventure. I especially loved when Abby went under one of the shade tents they had set up, and was screaming bloody murder. So funny, sorry Tracy I'm sure you don't think it's funny. After that they left to go back to Idaho Falls and then we got ready for Tanners friends to come over and party with us. It was fun we had a great time. We order pizza, had cake then the boys played a game on the playstation for a while and then we watched Transformers because Tanner got a 52 inch TV and surround sound for his birthday (pictures below). I know, spoiled right? Anyways here are some pictures for everyone. We love you all and hope you are all doing well.

Tanner's Birthday Cake.

Tanner and John being weird.

This is the candle John and Myka made for Tanner using a lighter and some tape to hold the button down.

Tanner Birthday present.

Doesn't he look so happy getting his picture taken.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apparently 2 is the Magic Number...

I'm not sure why I have such bad luck with cars, but I think I am cursed. Here is my story. Two years ago when I had the alero, we had terrible luck with that car. It seriously was in the shop 12 times in one year. It had so many things replaced I can't even remember them all. One thing I can remember though is that it had two fuel pump replaced with in a period of 6 months. After that we were done with it, so we got the Audi and everything was hunky dorey. Then 2 days before Christmas the car was in the shop and low and behold it was the fuel pump. Are you seeing a pattern here? Well let me just get to the funny part of the story. On Sunday after we got back from Idaho Falls from celebrating Dennis birthday the car started to make a funny noise. We didn't think much about it until Monday when it started making it again. So i called the mechanic shop, they told me to bring over so they could listen to it. Next thing I know they are telling me that the noise is my fuel pump and that it needs to be replaced. Yep, folks that's right the fuel pump that was just replaced not even a month ago needs to be replaced again. So they put a new one in, and no I didn't pay anything. I still can't figure out why the two cars that I have bought have both had to have two fuel pump replaced. Anyways I just thought I would share my story with you. Hopefully we don't have to replace any more fuel pumps. I hope everyone is doing well. Love you guys.